First reliable online dewatering measurement for wire and press sections which has become the global standard for paper industry dewatering measurement. Nowadays more than 4.000 EcoFlow units have been installed in more than 400 tissue, paper, board and pulp machines.

Ecoflow dewatering measurement system is developed for monitoring dewatering from paper machine dewatering positions. Running the machine efficiently would require online information about how the water removal is developing in each wire and press position. Since there were no reliable flow measurement technology for these turbulent, air and solids containing gravitational flows, Runtech company developed the EcoFlow system in early the 1990's.



All forming and press section water flows can be measured by using Ecoflow dewatering measurements.

Main benefits

  • ecoflow-main-benefitsOnline dewatering measurement for wire and press section
  • Optimize dewatering and vacuum levels
  • Minimize start up time of new felts
  • Improve machine runnability
  • Maximize felt life and felt type
  • Reduce the amount of breaks
  • Optimize vacuum energy consumption
  • Robust stainless steel construction
  • Easy and cheap to install
  • Maintenance friendly
  • Quick deliveries
  • Customized designs if necessary

Ecoflow system is the only reliable dewatering measurement system for the paper machine conditions. System is easy to install and the measurement is always reliable and repeatable regardless of the forming fabric, press felt life and/or machine running conditions.

Reference cases for EcoFlow

Case Improving the press felt start-up time


  • Bad PU felt start-up because of too high uhle box vacuums
  • Without dewatering measurement it’s very difficult to find reasons for low dewatering

Case Optimizing the PU felt total water removal


  • Press section dewatering was optimized by using Ecoflow system
  • The aim was to have maximum dewatering for each felt and this was done by optimizing uhle box vacuum levels
  • Total dewatering of PU-felt increased by 10% when vacuum level was dropped from -42kPa to -30 kPa
  • This type of optimization could not have been possible without Ecoflows


Our passion in the paper industry is to create the best productivity and the lowest energy consumption for our customers. Thousands of installations around the globe.


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