Research and development

Multidisciplinary expertise

Runtech’s research and development is a critical enabler for organic growth and further differentiation. Our professional R&D team has solid and multidisciplinary expertise in the fields of paper making, composite, energy and mechanical engineering. Listening to and working closely with the customers, Runtech has been able to continuously launch its new products and services for pulp and paper industry, from EcoflowTM, Ecopump TurboTM, EcoDropTM, RSP AirBladeTM, RSE AirBladeTM, Press RunShooterTM, SingleBlowTM, TailBladeTM, RunShooterTM to different composite products. The development is focused on the improvement of runnability and efficiency of paper machines, which builds our strong IP portfolio with patents for almost all products.

Runtech has its R&D facilities and pilot capabilities in both Kotka and Kolho, Finland. R&D is working closely together with technical universities and research centers, which help new products development and also testing of mature products before delivering to our customers.

The road ahead

Runtech's main goal in terms of R&D is to ensure its product portfolio allows significant differentiation from the competition. This will be achieved by exploring new ideas from markets, emerging technologies and close cooperation with customers and research partners.





Our passion in the paper industry is to create the best productivity and the lowest energy consumption for our customers. Thousands of installations around the globe.


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